Junior’s Beer Garden

Junior’s Beer Garden

This weekend – the Beer Garden will be ready for action. We are getting the TV’s all set-up out back… and other exciting finishing touches that will make this the place to be in downtown Stamford!!!!

Updated pictures coming soon and our weekend special menu will be up soon!!!! Grand opening is April 24th, Tony Jr’s birthday…. so keep the date open…

Starting this Thursday – Sunday:  the Beer Garden will be open for lunch, so why not enjoy this early Spring Weather and eat outside!!!! Thursday and Friday: the bar will open at 4 PM and Saturday and Sunday – it opens at 1 PM.

Here’s what we have on tap this weekend:

20 Bradford’s Famous Wings with a Pitcher of Bud light or PBR for $20

2 for 1 Happy Hour Appetizers with purchase of a beverage

Beer: Budlight bottles, Bud, Corona, 16 oz Modelo Cans, 16 Oz PBR Cans, Truly Spiked and Sparkling Water, Twisted Tea

Shot Specials:

Jameson  – $4

Fireball – $3

Smirnoff Flavored Shots – $3

Specialty Drinks:

Patio Punch – $8

Twisted Tea with shot of Smirnoff Raz – $9

Smirnoff Lemonade Pitchers (choose from Blueberry, strawberry or Raspberry) – $25

 Frozen Drinks:

Pina Colada – $10

Strawberry Daiquiri – $10

Add a floater for $4